The Birkman Method® Assessment is the primary tool utilized to identify a person’s usual behavior, motivational needs and nonproductive behavior (which results when personal needs are not met).

Betty is a certified Birkman Consultant who enters into multi-session coaching to improve relationships and personal awareness by identifying core values and examining areas of potential conflict. She recognizes that knowledge and self-awareness enable individual empowerment and drive goal-oriented achievement.  Additionally, through better self-awareness, relationships are strengthened and behaviors that can sabotage a relationship are more easily identified.  Creating successful relationships that enrich our lives is the cornerstone of her work.

Session I

Personal one on one feedback on the individual results of The Birkman Method

Session II

Additional feedback and insights from The Birkman Method and comparison of the couple’s results

Session III

Establish personal boundaries that protect your relationship and set specific goals

Session IV

Identification of Core Values and comparison of Core Values for the couple

Session V

Review of goals, outcomes, and the relationship